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Halogen Backup Lights

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item no.: 48ZX1452W

As described at:
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I got a set at Autozone that can be mounted on the hitch or anywhere with a bolt also. I mounted mine on the bolts that hold the bumper on. You have to grind the bolt hole on the light brackets to a square to match the square head on the bolts. For that little amount of work and an outlay of $25 to $30, you get lights that work excellent and have a very wide dispersed light that allows you to see alot more that with just the stock backup lights.

The lights work so well and are so slim, that I recently purchased a second set and mounted one up behind the spare tire that shines down to light up the back 3-4' of the underneath of the truck. This works great when you have a flat on the road, for hooking up a trailer or tow strap or for night wheeling. I will enventually hook up the remaining light and maybe one more to light up the rest of the underneath for when I'm out at night off road to make sure I can clear obstacles I may encounter.
I believe Bestatchess has the same setup as I do as far as the backup lights. They set against the bumper almost like they came with the truck. As far as pics, I have a digicam on my phone that might get the job done.

EDIT - It was this guy not Bestatchess that had a similar setup. This guys hangs down about 3/4" to an 1". Mine are flush with the bottom of the bumper.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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