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Hi everyone,

today we would like to introduce you our new product - Torxe Jump Starter with Air Compressor. Engineered to charge the equipment you need in no time and in the most efficient way possible, these JS400 14,000 mAh and JS750 21,000 mAh capacity starters are so far your best bet available on the market, if electronics and electrical equipment recharging is required. Torxe power banks are durable, compact and lightweight and come with all necessary cell phone/smartphone, laptops, monitors, cameras charging cables and 8 charging port adapters in the kit. JS400 application will jump start any gasoline engine up to 5.8L and diesel engine up to 3.0L, while more powerful JS750 with a 21,000 mAh capacity will jump start gasoline engines up to 8.0L V12 and diesel engines up to 6.0L.

Torxe® - Compact 12V Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor at CARiD

* 200A Starting Current, 14000 mAh Capacity - Recommended for Gas Engines up to 5.8L, Diesel Engines up to 3.0L;
** 400A Starting Current, 21000 mAh Capacity - Recommended for Gas Engines up to 8.0L and Diesel Engines up to 6.0L.;

Moreover, with every purchase of Torxe jump starer, you will get a portable air compressor that will cope with all your deflated tires problems in a minute.

Check out the video overview of Torxe Jump Starter presented by our Product Expert Greg to learn more about these power banks:

Protect yourself from drained batteries, clicking noises coming from somewhere under your hood and deflated tires, with our ultime 12V Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor by Torxe. Find prices and more necessary details at CARiD.

Click on the link to find more Auto Parts & Accessories manufactured by Torxe:
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