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Hi all,

I just wanted to say that I'm really pleased to be part of this forum. I like the technical discussions that are happening, the humor that seems to be part of "daily life" here at TT, and the general sharing of all things Titan. What's more, there seems to be a good etiquette to what is said here, with a minimum of flaming and other such stuff. I just wanted to point this stuff out - for no other reason than to say that this is a cool board!

This board is starting to remind me of the early days at, where we all got to know our new Tundras together, and have a good laugh doing it.

I'm sure there are Tundra haters here, but if you were to look at the posts of early TundraSolutions, they'd look an awful lot like what's here..."love the power", "better than the big 3", "awesome ride", "here's a problem I'm having", "here's a cool mod", and my favorite the "here's how to fix problem x with your Tundra for $15 and a 1/2 hour of your time, AT HOME".

TundraSolutions became (and still is) an invaluable part of owning a Tundra. If I ever had a problem (and I had problems...) a quick search of TS would usually tell me all I needed to know to get the problem fixed. Sometimes, TS was useful when a trip to the dealer ended with the "we've never heard of this problem before" excuse. I'd give 'em a printout from my computer and say "here are 27 members of TundraSolutions that have the same problem, and here's how it got fixed". Worked every time.

What caused me to get all cheesy here and start praising TitanTalk were the discussions on Octane. I humbly thought I knew a thing or two about octane and engines, but there are many on here who obviously know a LOT more than myself. Thanks all for the great info!

Anyway, I'm realizing that I'm prattling on now, so have a good day, and enjoy TT. I do!

Half Shovel

P.S. The local dealer is looking for a Titan with the stuff I want - (Red Brawn CC LE, Big Tow, Off Road). Provided the price is right, I hope to be the proud owner of a Titan, soon!

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Welcome Half Shovel and Thank You for your comments.

Indeed this is the best place to come and share.

Good luck on the dealer finding you what you want for a truck and of course we all hope you get the deal you can't say no too. :upsidedow


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I agree with Half Shovel, I know a little about trucks, but this is definitely going to help me if I ever need to do anything to my truck (when it comes in) or if I want to modify it in some way.
A lot of you guys are very knowledgeable and it really helps guys like me.

Great site!
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