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Hard wiring gps

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I have an older Magellan that I'd like to hardwire the powersource (I have a non rechargebale model.) I'm thinking about picking up the hardwire cable (attached)
Can I just tap into the lighter socket? And if I can do I need to install an inline fuse (how many amps?)
I dont want to use the cig adapter anymore, I hate seeing wires dangling everywhere.


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how many amps do you recommend for the fuse?
edit:eek:ops missed the part about the cig adapter fuse.
SOLID! Thanks for your help everyone.
UPDATE: Worked perfect except getting to the cig adapter wiring was a PITA!
Everything worked great until after I buttoned everything up the airbag light started flashing! I double checked all the connecters and NOTHING! The 5mins doing a search and I found the sticky, problem fixed. I'm a happy man.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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