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Has Anyone Run a Cable, Ipod or Otherwise, to Center Bench Seat Fold-Down Console?

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I've purchased a Navigation Receiver that I will soon have installed. Assuming the 6-ft IPod cable is long enough to reach to the center bench seat fold-down console compartment, I would like to connect my IPod to the cable and keep it stored at the rear of the console compartment.

When the center console compartment is pivoted to the "up" position, allowing the center to be used as a middle "seat", the very rear section of the console compartment that will hold the IPod will be at the bottom of the console compartment behind the lumbar region of a passenger's back if a passenger were were sitting in the seat. If the 6 -foot length of the IPod cable is anything but redundant lengthwise, positioning the IPod in the rear of the compartment makes the most efficient use of the cord length by putting it in the compartment rear.

There is already 12-volt power to the compartment and there what appears to be a cord that I'm assuming is the 12-volt power cord to the compartment.

I've positioned a red circle at about the place the center seatback/console compartment pivots to change up or down from/to seatback/console compartment.

If anyone has run a cable to the bench seat center console compartment or has opened up the interior of the center seat components, any comments or recommendations would be welcomed about how to run a cable from the radio/CD changer to under the carpet up to the center seat console.

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Yes, I did just that. I installed a permanent 3.5mm jack next to the 12v port in there so my iPod, or phone, could be charging and playing audio without having to put it in the back of the console.

I simply removed the seat, rant the cable under the carpet, reinstalled the seat, took the back cover off of the seat and ran it up right next to the power cable so it would act the same when raising/lowering the seat. It's really not that hard once you open up the console/back part of the center seat and see what you're working with.

Good luck.
Thanks wizurd for your reply. In order to run your cable under the carpet, did you lift the carpet from the floor or were you able to thread the cable under the carpet for the couple of feet or so without lifting it?

If I read it right. you said you ran you cable to the top/front of the console compartment to about the position of the 12V outlet. The stated length of the IPod cable is said to be 6 ft. so I don't know whether I have the necessary length to run the cable to the top/front of the console compartment.

Mt connector has a standard IPod wide flat connector that probably won't snake beneath the carpet as readily as a smaller round 3.5mm audio connection end, so I might have to lift the carpet to do the install.

As you say, I will need to remove the seat in order to get a better look/feel for what is needed.
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I removed my center seat and I found that there is a space of 19 inches between the carpet opening under the seat and the shroud that is located under the radio/CD changer. The carpet extends a little more than 1" under the shroud so in order to snake a cable under the carpet without picking the carpet up will be a total of about 20 inches. Perhaps this is doable.

Now to figure how to remove the bottom shroud. I removed 4 screws directly behind the lower front cup holder and one more screw on the passenger side of the shroud but it still won't let loose. I'll keep looking and trying.

In case anyone hasn't seen what is under the cup holder that is located under the bench center seat, a photo is shown below. My Titan is a 2004 KC SE with bench seats and the red arrow in the photo is pointing to a harness connector that is tied down and ends there. I wonder what this harness connection could be used for? Anyone know?

Edit: I zoomed in for a closer look at the harness connection end under the center bench seat so you can see it better and, perhaps, maybe identify what it may used for. Anyone know?


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