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I still hold true to the fact that almost anyone who has test driven a Titan with the intention of buying a truck, usually ends up buying a Titan. So what if the base design was released in 2004? When I upgraded to the Titan late last year, I paid $17,000 less than a comperable Ford/Chevy/Dodge because they don't have to pay for constant re-designs. I'll take $17,000 over the few areas where the new models are better than the Titan, even fuel mileage. Throttle is touchy and only lends itself to jack rabbit starts? Maybe they don't like that, but I consider that to be a feature! Additionally, Nissan has a lot of standard features that I would not be without (spray on bed liner, Utili-Trac). These are usually cheap looking options on the other brands from what I have seen.

I think Titan owners are alot like craft beer drinkers. Sure Miller/Bud/Coors are beer and will do the job, but a craft beer has more taste and that extra something that you can't get from the mainstream brands.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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