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Having fun at Ford dealers, etc

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Pull up in new Titan. Get into new F150. Pronounce, this Lariat interior sucks. My XE Titan is better. Leave. Repeat at Dodge dealer. Point out that Base XE will keep up nicely with a SB standard cab Hemi, and rip a new one on a Crew Cab Hemi. Drive to Chevy dealer. Have favorite salesman proclaim that it is a nice truck.(I actually like this guy, friends and family have bought 10 cars from him in 6 years) Even without power windows, etc. Show it off at the local Honda dealer. Have people admiring it while you're test driving their cars. Drive to another Dodge dealer that didn't think you were serious, and point out :futwice: . Put 200 miles on truck, all in town and get 13.7 miles per gallon, including forcing tank full at end of fill up.
I'm up to 490 miles in a little over 3 days total ownership. I'm shooting for 1000 miles and an oil change next weekend or the week after, then taking it easy, going back to my usual 120 miles per week average.

Plus, I got to look at a low number 1997 Defender 90. They only wanted 34000, or so the salesman said. That was with 45k miles and obvious off road use.
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thats so funny i have to read it again. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
HEHEHEHE I'm picturing someone doing this.... :upsidedow :upsidedow
I left out the Subaru/Pontiac/Porsche dealer, because 1- they sold me my last car at a very good price (2k Z28). 2- They let me play with a Cayenne S-no, not drive. Still, that rates them very high.

I stopped by my Nissan dealer, my brother was floored by the room in a crew cab Titan. But, he is looking for a small car, so the Accord we drove at Honda should do okay.

I enjoyed my test drive at both Dodge dealers before I bought the Titan. That Hemi will roast the tires into a puddle if you let it, and, yes, it does pick up better from 70 to 90 than a Titan. I do the same ANY time a salesman doesn't go with me. Sometimes with a salesman, too. :cheers:

Best waste of a Saturday I've had in a long time. I think I'll do it again, soon.
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