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Head light and Fog Light Bulbs

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I was wondering what are the brightest white bulbs that you can get for our head lights low beam and Factory foglights. I would like no heating or power issues as well as some decsent life, say 2 years? Nice and white no blue color.

THanks for any help on the brands and size/part numbers of the bulbs .
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For the HID's don't you have to run some extra wiring or ballast?
Yes you have to use ballasts but it is all plug and play. No splicing at all and a blind monkey can install them. Absolutely no mechanical or electrical experience is needed to install them. Look up the name ARMADEN on this forum. He is the man when it comes to HIDs and LEDs. Cheap prices and awesome customer service. If you dont want HIDs than the Sylvannia Ultra Stars are good also. they burn out quicker than regular bulbs since they burn so much hotter and brighter. They cost almost the same as a HID kit from Armaden but the HIDs have way more light output than the Sylvannias.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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