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head light condensation

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i an having a problem with my p/side headlight evertime it rains its coated on the inside and it hardly ever fully evaporates by the time it rains again i called the dealer and explained my situation to them they said that it was a vented headlight and that is was designed to do that so i asked him why only one side was doing it he said that he had seen in some cases only one do it:boxing: are they full of crap should i try to go higher up to get this resolved or is there something i can do on my own to fix it i wuold appreciate any feed back yall might have thanks sorry for the book to i just didnt know how else to explain my situation:crying:
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YES, by all means they are full of crap. Had both of mine do the same thing at different times and both were replaced under warranty. It should not do that at all......
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