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I was going to say blow torch. Just from working with motorcycles and going through the headache of removing aluminum nuts and bolts the last thing you want to happen is have one of those sheer off. Especially when you're all pi$$ed off. Then you throw your wrench and have to grab the drill and tap kit to attempt to get that bad boy out. For tight spaces (like inside the engine compartment) the mini torch is your best friend. If you plan on getting back in there to remove the headers at any point I highly recommend you put some anti-sieze on there. Stuff is great and I use it on every aluminum nut and bolt. Hope this helped and the rest of the install goes well!

I know the nuts and bolts on the headers are steel, but I was just saying don't break 'em. I've read about how hard those are to remove. I'm taking my truck to a good muffler and exhaust shop to do mine. I figure that even if they don't have a great deal with working with performance installs I'm sure they've done their fair share of this type of work. I'm willing to spend a little bit of money to avoid giving myself a brain aneurism. Plus, if they break anything they have insurance and all the necessary tools to fix it.
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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