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Header installation questions

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First of all, thank you for all of your posts. I have been reading threads here for a while. My truck is finally paid for and out of warranty, so it's time to play!

I plan to install a set of Pacesetter headers (yes, I'm on a budget) with no cats, Flowmaster 40 series, and dual echo tips exiting the rear, and a cold air intake soon. What else do I need to be concerned with?

Will I need to "tune" for A/F ratio concerns? For the secondary O2 sensors, I found a relatively cheap universal dual output sim. (Universal o2 simulator dual output [unv-o2sim2] - $40.00 : O2 Simulator, E-commerce) Will this work to remove on a Titan? If not, can someone give me advice on where to get a good deal. I don't care to solder resistors to make my on.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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If I was you I would save up for the JBA headers, they aren't that much more and people on here swear by them.
I believe they've found that the 3" collector on the Pacesetter's is too big for our Titan's. I remember a couple of guy's had them & ended up switching them out. If your on a budget, i'd just save up a little more & get some Stillen's, JBA's or DT's. You'll get much better performance! :)
Thanks for the advice. Any ideas on if I will need to tune or flash my ECU or will adapt to headers and a cold air intake.
eah pacesetters and Flowmasters aren't great for performance. Anyway, its hard to say what will happen. You will probably be ok without a tune, but, sometimes the AFR can go crazy. Is your truck FFV? You could also get Stillen's emulators for the 02 sensors.
I can't help but notice everyone here loves Magnaflows and JBA or Stillen. Hard to argue with the masses. How will I know if it is running to lean after installation?
You will need either Uprev or a Bullydog GT. Magnaflow's are just good because they perform well. But also Borla's, Dynomax Bullet's, and Aerochambers, along with pretty much any muffler that is considered a "flow through" is preferred for performance. Flowmaster still has its following because it has a great sound
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