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headers and exhaust

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My 2011 titan pro 4x has a cracked exhaust manifold so I'm looking into headers. What's the best combo as well as cats or no cats?
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Cajun Bpipes | shreveport, LA 71129 stage 1 package. Everything needed in one place and new cheaper than Amazon prices on headers. Give me a call....
I have catless packages as well.
Only issues with DT are expensive and you have to lengthen the sensor wires and with JBA you don't.
JBA price and quality are hard to beat. $450 shipped for a set of 6400s and $545 shipped coated from Cajun
Awesome brother! Glad you like the product and appreciate the business
The proper muffler if other than stock is very important to help control CIS and rasp. The UQ does a awesome job killing the drone and rasp but the bottle resonators (Bpipe) will completely eliminate it and leave you with a clean exhaust note. There will still be a slight bit of rasp/CIS with the UQ alone so yes I do recommend catted or resonated catless bpipes as well. The sound clips of my Titan on my website are with catless resonated bpipes. Cajun Bpipes | shreveport, LA 71129
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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