Can't justify $750 for tiny manifold replacements just because I believe my cats are clogged after 1000k miles.
Can't justify replacing the tiny 2.25" piping after the cats with the factory manifolds & clogged up cats. I need exhaust on my truck, but can't replace it with the same tiny 2.25". So I'll upgrade that to dual mandrel bent 2.5" to the muffler to 3" or 3.5" out.

I'm finally just giving in to get a damn Flowmaster Super 40 or Super 44 after blowing money on a high dollar Borla Pro XS and a Magnaflow muffler that didn't sound any better than the stock muffler. Anyone want a nice new Dual 2.5"/Single 3" Borla Pro XS? LOL

Dont have much money and I have a ton to fix on this truck, but one thing that needs help is my exhaust. I prefer long tube headers, but I'm pretty open to anything except for factory manifolds. Can't afford Cajun B-Pipes or I'd go that route