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I know that JBA makes shorty headers for the 2008 Titan. Since the exhaust is a little different. How much horsepower and torque could they possible add. :cool: :cool:
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2 wheel drive? I have 4x4 just ran 9.6 this week.
My Titan is 05 4x4 CC with Injen cai, uprev tuned and true dual exhaust. Was debating headers and changing exhaust to JBA evol any suggestions, hows the 9.6 time considering my vehicle?
my 60' times were 2.12 and up average 2.25 outside temp around 70
Very little wheel spin with no burn out, with burn out no wheel spin at all reaction times ranged from .02 to .212
good info what do you think the difference would be with the headers and JBA exhaust worth the money?
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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