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I know that JBA makes shorty headers for the 2008 Titan. Since the exhaust is a little different. How much horsepower and torque could they possible add. :cool: :cool:
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We have not dynoed an 08 yet - when we did the 04 truck we gained 23 hp and 17ft lbs.

More than likely once we get an 08 in here we will be dynoing one with our headers and exhaust installed.

On just headers alone you will see anywhere between 12-15 whp and 10-12 ft lbs of torque depending on the dyno you use and the elevation you are testing at.
when we did the test on our mule I dont think there was a CAI installed on the truck - then again it wa before my time here with JBA.

Typically dyno numbers are going to varry a bit depending on the elevation you test at and what dyno you use for the test - we use a Dyno Dynamics system and are at pratically sea level where we do our testing here in San Diego - someone in the mountians or mid-west might see different results
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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