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I know that JBA makes shorty headers for the 2008 Titan. Since the exhaust is a little different. How much horsepower and torque could they possible add. :cool: :cool:
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My truck is JBA from the motor back......look what I run with stock CATs.
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Yes I'm a 2wd Quad 1/8 is 9.0 right now....hope to be under 9 soon...better yet to run in the 13's 1/4 mile.

I should have put in some high flow cats when I cut the stockers off the stock manifold...but didn't do it. Just welded the stock cats back onto the jba headers.

If I had to do it again I wouldn't use the stock cats..but I'm not too into pulling the headers back off and re-cutting and all that stuff.
Your running about a 15.00 in the 1/4 mile. Which isn't too bad.

What was your 60' time? What was the weather like?

I'm sure true duals hurt your low end a little.....your 60' time will tell all.

Headers are awesome!!!
How was your wheel spin? With UpRev you should have a lower 60' time...but that could be the exhaust.....JBA is the bomb man.
sudden urge said:
That 2.12 60' aint bad at all IMO. If I pulled that 60', I would be running 14.7's.
Sudden....your not UpRev tuned either....with WOT off the line you should pull consistent 2.0's and sub 2's...with traction.

I pulled 2.1's all day long before getting tuned...after tune 1.9's.

Reaction times will not alter the ET's at all.

But no....2.1 isn't that bad!! But for every .1 you gain in the 60' typically equals .2 at the end of the track.
Or better yet...have you done a log where you slam the pedal too the floor and make sure you have a little over 4 v's at 0 mph.
On street tires...and no UpRev tune I ran a 14.6 with JBA headers, Injen CAI, JBA Exhaust, and Helix TBS.

So the combination works. But the headers aren't the easiest thing to install. They are not a bolt on application. You have to cut and weld......but I like em!!!

I just don't like where Nissan put the's also a dangerous place for the motor if the cats fail....the motor typically get's ruined.

P.S......I'm Rossi
1 - 7 of 20 Posts
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