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Headlight Mod ideas...

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Alright so i have an extra set of headlights sitting in my garage that i got from a couple different local body shops when insurance replaced the lights and the guts of them were still good.

I have a complete driver side light and a passenger side light that the bracket is busted off of. Basically what that means is i can pull them both apart and do whatever i want with them then use my trucks backing pieces and have a new set of lights.

What i want is some ideas as to what i should do with this set. They will be dark as my truck is murdered out. They are 04-07 style lights and i have a few ideas but im not sure i want to post them until i have the lights on my truck...

You can see the color of my truck in my sig... What do you guys think i should do with this set? I have all the time in the world to work on them but no money for fancy stuff like halos or LEDs in them.(Unless ol' JonnyB wants to hook it up lol)
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halos from are pretty cheap
i would like to do halos but i really have no money to spend on my truck... unemployment is just paying my truck payment, insurance, and putting food in my gut.

Is there a free-ish way to make halos? I would obviously have to spend a few bucks on LEDs to light them up but i think i can make that happen.
i think colormatching them with your color truck it would look sick
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