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headliner removal

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For those of you who removed your headliner to run Sat antennas etc did you have to remove the rear pillar plastic or could you get away with all the overhead consoles and the 2 front a-pillars? I really didn't want to have to mess with the back seats.... AGAIN!

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I want to know this as well. I plan to install one of those storage things that have slots for DVD Players and stuff like that, I also want to run my Radar detector stuff up there.
I have never actually attempted it, But I would assume you can just pry it out of the top of those pillars. The headliner should flex enough without damaging it to remove it.
I was thinking if I remove the 2 front ones I should be able to pull it forward and down to get it out.
I just talked to someone and they said you had to remove the rear pillars too :( Which is why I have procrastinated doing mine agian. This would be the 4th time I had to take the rear apart, and those crappy blue clips are almost impossible to get back in place after the deadening.
OK I've got most of it apart but I havent figured out how to get the sun visor clips (opposite the hinges) off... the round part that holds the other end up.
On the small visor the clip cover opens from the side and folds down to access a screw. The round clips simply rotate and pull out. The clips in the rear of the headliner are just covers to access the 3rd brake light. No need to remove those. The headliner does not bend much and is pretty solid. let me know if you need any help and I will give you a jingle.
Thanks man, I got it all out, the round ones I ended up breaking the first one before I could look at it and realize it has to "turn out" ohh well no biggy.

On a side note....

1. You can get the headliner out without removing the rear pillar plastic just be sure to remove the seatbelts. And

2. when you do re-install the headliner be sure to push it ALL THE WAY BACK. I thought mine was but wasnt. It took me longer to get things aligned.

But its mostly back in except for the extra sunvisors in the LE I could not figure those out last night. Probably because it was 10PM and dark in my driveway and I just didnt want to think about it anymore. I'll post some pics later.
Here are a couple pics for you guys, they didn't come out very good. (almost as bad as James)
I added Raamatt to the bare metal and then added the Ensolite. It definitely does sound different. I think that overall the noise level is lower. In fact I really dont hear any sound from up above and that sounds weird. One thing for sure is that that sheet metal on the factory roof is extremely thin!! This isnt my best work because working above your head is a real pain in the azz. I started at 5:30 PM and finished about 9:30 in the dark with a headlamp on.

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How much RAAMAT and Foam did it take?
Not a whole lot... I dont remember exactly now because I didnt measure it.
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