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hearing noise when cold

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when its cold outside and i start my car and i wait a little then shift it into drive and start rolling and give a little gas to get it up to about 1000 rpm i hear a clunk from under the car and it happens almost all the time when its cold, does that happen to anyone else and does anyone know what it is?
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Do you have the utilitrack? Could be the plastic covers moving back and forth.
ABS calibrating itself?
Mine does the same thing. Its kind of like a "spring" sound after i start rolling from parked over night. Only does it when its cold. Done it for 2 years now. No problems so far so i guess its nothing serious. Prolly just a ABS sensor or something.
i do have the utility track but its not that and it was starting to bug me but i dont know why it only does it when its cold outside or when i havent driven in a while but is there any way to fix that?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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