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Heated seat pressure switch?

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Is there a pressure switch in the seat that knows when Im sitting in it? For example my seat heat does not work if I remote start my car but as soon as I sit in it it begins to heat up. If I get out and go into a store it cools down until I sit in it again. Im looking to have it turn on when I remote start so is there a way to ground that out like an e-brake line for a head unit?
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There is a pressure sensor for the seat belt, but I don't think it's connected to the heated seats. The leather's going to feel cold until you sit in it to press it down to the heater.
There's no pressure switch of which I am aware. I know mine work when nobody is in the seat, but I also know that Lax is right, with no weight in the seat, the leather doesn't get compressed down onto the heating element very much, and the seat itself doesn't get warm. Now, when you sit on it, it warms very quickly - more quickly than if you are sitting there and turn it on. That's why I'm pretty sure there's no pressure switch.
Pull the connector under the seat. Tap the switch to high. (this energizes both hot circuits in the plug) Close everything up and remote start the truck. While running, go into the truck and put a volt meter across either of the hot two pins and the ground in the plug end coming from the battery side and see if you have twelve volts. If not then something is reading whether your butt is in the seat or not.

There is a thyristor in the seat pad to break the circuit if the set temp is hit or exceeded and the logic for this is usually a transistor circuit hidden somewhere off the seat itself.
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