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Heated seats

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I bought an '05 LE about 2 months ago. I tried the heated seats. I'm only getting heat from the back of the seat. Is that correct. I can't imagine it is. Has anyone had this problem. I read in one of the threads on here that the heated seats are connected to the heater itself. Is that correct? I've had heated seats before and they heated on the bottom and back.
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my 06 heats both bottom and back as well. I dont know how to fix your problem though sorry.
My 05 KC does the same thing. It only heats the back. As I am still under warranty, I'm gonna have it checked out soon.
The seats should head both on the bottom and on the back. There is something wrong there. You should take it in to a dealer to look at it before you have a bigger issue.
Might be a dumb question, but you are flipping the switch in the right direction, right? Mine only heats the back if I put them on low (rocked back to me). When I rock the switch forward, it heats the butt too.
I'm gonna try this out more and see. I've only tried it a couple times. I think I had it on high and it was only heating the back. Thanks for everyones advise.
I wish I had heated seats wasn't offered in bench seat till 08 :crying:
I looked in the owner's manual and it doesn't say anything about the position of the switch controlling where the heat goes. According to our service manual, there are coils in the butt part of the seats that should get warm.
Yes... The front/back switching of the switch has nothing to do with where the heat is, just the intensity of it. You should feel heat in BOTH the seat and the back in either position, obviously just more heat on the HIGH setting. For those who feel otherwise, maybe your butt sensors are malfunctioning... I recommend a good sauna and massage (I'm NOT offering, BTW!!!!) to see if it helps... :lol:
BB aren't your seats heated by all that hot air you blow :)
DeadRiver said:
BB aren't your seats heated by all that hot air you blow :)
Well, if nothing else, I test the limits of the leather and the interior cabin filter.... :fart:
They're definately not working on the butt part. Niether side. So, I'm thinking it has to be something that would cause both not to work. The back part works on both driver and passenger. It's not under warranty to I'll have to try and figure it out on my own.
Hmm, that is weird. On low, only the back portions feels like it heats up on mine. Only in high can I feel the bottom cushion warming. Could be my @$$ is out of line though... wait, hmmmmm..... :bye:
Did you ever get this resolved. I'm having the same problem with my passenger seat. Back is working but not bottom.
I have an 04 LE CC with heated seats. My drivers side has gone out completely, the passenger side works fine. I checked the fuse and it only uses one fuse for both seats? :wierd: Sooo If any one knows anything about this please post up!
Thanks Josh
I still have this problem. I was hoping someone would have posted up what the problem might be. Mine is way out of warranty so I'm not wanting to take it to the dealer to figure this out. Come on guys. Help us out here.
My heated seats don't work very well. Sometimes I swear that they are not on but they eventually heat up, usually about the time I get to work.:crying:
I'm going through this proces right now with the dealer and it is a PITA! Neither of my seats worked, just found this out when it started to get cold last October. Anyway, they tested the switches and found both were bad. Ordered replacements, passenger was correct, driver side wrong part. So they replaced the pass. side switch and the seat back now works but no butt section. So now new butt section- get this $1300 because the airbag seat sensor is integrated with the seat! I get this replaced and now the airbag light is on so they order a new cushion after an afternoon of trying to diagnose the problem. Still waiting on the new one to come in.

They have received numerous switches and been back and forth with Nissan on the drivers side. Seems as though there is a correct box, with the wrong part in it from Nissan. Seems to be a part specific to '05's as the part changed for '06-'07 and was completely redesigned for '08. So 4 trips in for diganosing and installing incorrect/broken parts. They actually brought me back with the center disassembled and showed me the new part and old part, very small difference in where the connector attaches. Parts manager took pictures to send to wherever they get the parts to make sure they get the correct one. They have received 6 or so of the listed part number and they all are incorrect when they take them out of the box.

So right now I have no heated driver seats, heated pass seats with no functional airbag sensor and a nice blinking red light in the cluster.:huh:

I suspect a lot of problems stem from people placing their knee on the seat to reach something behind them and causing the heating element to separate. the elements are not really that thick. I do feel bad for the service folks, they have always been very good to me and hate telling me that they (Nissan) screwed up.

Good thing this truck still makes me smile whenever I get into it!

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jtheaverin said:
My heated seats don't work very well. Sometimes I swear that they are not on but they eventually heat up, usually about the time I get to work.:crying:

Did you end getting your seats fixed? Reason being, my passenger seat doesn't get very hot.
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