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Heater and A/C performance

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I need some assistance/advise re an issue with my dealer service dept. On a recent trip to Georgia (hot 90 plus degree days) we noticed that our 2006 Titan 4X4 heater/AC continued to blow very cold air even when the temp was set to 70 or 72. In other words it is almost impossible to get the unit to blow hot air when the outside ambient temp is also hot

I am going back to the dealer tomorrow and he will try to convince me that this is normal. It may be - but all my other cars immediately pump hot air when the temp is set accordingly.

Has anyone else noticed this problem? - or is this the way the system is designed to work. FYI, my other vehicles (BMW), Acura and old Toyota truck) immediately pump hot air when applicable.

What goes ?
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I don't get it. Your complaining about getting good air conditioning?
No. A/C was excellent but after a while our finger tips were turning blue. and there was no way other than turning off the A/C altogether to bring the incomming air temp up to a comfortable level.

Must admit that I like it really cold but probably beter to resolve this question than to have my wife wearing her ski stuff in Georgia.
If you had it on Max A/C it will not shut off.
Also, it will not shut off when on Defrost!

I found some post going back to 2004 that noted heater and a/c issues similar to mine. Actually, some of my dealer service reps also thought the system was not normal and they gave me a loaner car for a couple of days so they could work with my truck. Now, it appears that none of us really understood exactly how the system works so I am off to the dealer this morning to get the truck back and to get a lesson in A/C operation.

By the way -- looking at those 2004 posts everyone seemed to be jacked up over the prospect of fuel going over $ 2,00. a gallon - Imagine that ! When i was in high school gas for my 1937 Ford V-8 60 was about 30 cents a gallon and we could never afford to buy more than a couple of gallons at a time.
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