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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone, Newb here. I dont actually own a Titan its my dads and thats why I'm here. I just wanted to say whats up to the forum before I start posting. :hi:
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Well then...what kind of Titan does Dad have? :dunno:
Its a 07 Titan SE 2 wheel drive. Stock for now. I came here to learn something about the Titan. It is an awesome truck, but I have no knowledge about it. I would like to buy one after I finish college.
Welcome aboard. Maybe if you help with the maintenance and upkeep (and of course a few mods), dad will give it to you for a college graduation present?
welcome 2 TT man dang college grad titan what a gift hahahaha!!!!! all i got was a slap on the back. help ur dad fix her up u never know she maybe urs one day
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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