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It's some time since I've been here.And after four Titans in eight years it's been quite a journey.Your probably asking yourself "Four Titans in eight years ?". Well here's the story. I work in the construction industry and I needed a new service truck to carry fuel and tools where ever I was operating heavy equipment.The old '91 Ford F250 had a rough life in the back woods of northern Canada and was getting pretty tired.So after a long and tedious look at all other makes in the 3/4 and half ton class I finally settled on a 2005 Titan .I just didn't feel like bouncing around in a 3/4 ton anymore and when I tested the Titan, it just felt like it was built around me.Many of my coworkers laughed ,called it a "rice wagon" and said it wouldn't be a very good service truck.Proving them wrong was so easy.I could easily carry 900 lbs of fuel with tank plus all my tools and other equipment required to do my job. I didn't even flinch carrying that weight up hills,through mud, or anywhere angels would fear to tread.In fact I could go more places than any other make could.It always got me where I needed to be no matter the conditions.While others were sliding off roads,getting stuck,breaking down,freezing up the Titan just kept going.
Unfortunately, on an extremely foggy day I came upon a flock of grouse picking up small stones on the highway.Oh the humanity! So many bird bodies ,feathers and total avian mayhem. It was horrible and damaging.Smashed head lights ,destroyed grill ,hood and fenders dented ,busted wind shield and shattered pride.I was expected to go on holidays in two weeks but now I have a wrecked truck.Fortunately the repairs went smoothly and I managed to take my holidays on time. Four days later as I was stopping for traffic at a red light ,an Isuzu tracker creams right into the back of me. As he was doing around 50 mph (80 km/h) and didn't even brake,the impact pushed me right into the back of the car in front of me. It turned the poor Titan into a 40 thousand dollar accordion. Not a single panel front to back without a ripple . A complete write off. The insurance bought me a new 2006 Titan and got my pride back.Ran that for a year until it got backed into by a bulldozer.Just can't have anything nice.A lot of front end cosmetic damage and the hood and doors just didn't work right again.But I continued to run as is with a few fixes and adjustments for another 2 years. I then decided to trade in on a 2009 with a 6 inch lift. The lift worked fine for about a year .Then a whole manner of issues started to pop up. Upper front ball joints failing continuously, brake lines and wheel sensor wires getting torn off , alignment issues ,tire issues, then drive train problems with the differentials, wheel bearings, the list was getting longer and worst all the time. The lift was a really bad idea .Then I hit a moose .Their goes my pride again and almost 8 thousand dollars of body repairs.But I kept going until the summer later when a small bulldozer was being loaded on a truck.The operator loading didn't know how to operate that particular machine and spun it over the side striking the back of my Titan with the blade .As I stand there, looking at the side tool box ripped from the gouged back end of the box, all I could do was mutter .."figures". After more repairs and aggravation I decided just to bite the bullet and get rid of the 2009 Titan. Now smart person would take all that has happened as a sign to not temped fate.A smart person would say maybe I should try something else. Well I may not be that bright but I do know a good product and The Titan has served me well despite the bad luck.So now I proudly own a blue 2012 pro 4x and 4 years with out a scratch. Only one front strut broke in 170 thousand Km . And that was because I hit a 2 foot deep wash out after going over a bridge. I replaced the struts and still drives as straight and reliable as the day I picked it up from the dealer.
So all in all ,the Titan has never let me down because bad quality. Bad chooses,bad luck and extenuating circumstance took down three. Now with the fourth no one is laughing anymore.
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