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Hello from Oklahoma!!

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Hi guys!! I signed up here earlier in '07 and have lurked for awhile until recently so I thought I better introduce myself to say "Hi". :hi: I own an Armada (as a meeting 1/2 way with wifey between a Titan and Rugrat Hauler) and I am currently a moderator over at ClubArmada. I spend most my time over there and on CT but have recently been in contact with some members who are also signed up here and on both sites then realized that I might be able to provide some random info over here too so I think I'll be checking in once in awhile. Thanks for the warm welcomes from members who've already sent PM's and it'll be nice to get to know more of you and I hope to help out a little if at all possible.
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Welcome Pops!!!!!! Nice to see someone else from Oklahoma around here!!!
Well, welcome aboard:cheers:
welcome to the club man love the armada very good rugrat hauler
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