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Picking up my 2017 Gun Metallic Titan XD in the SV trim package next week and I can't wait! Having a spray-in bed liner, tinted windows and the under seat locking tool box added before I pick it up. It already has all-season mats and flaps installed. I'm not new to diesels and have owned a 1985 M1009 CUCV with a 6.2L and most recently a 2004 Ford F-250 with the 6.OH-No in it. Got tired of spending, on average, $500 a month on it so it's time to trade it in for something with a warranty that is turn-key. I'm sure it won't stay stock for long as I'm already looking for a tuner that brings results like my SCT did in my Ford. Someone mentioned a Scorcher?! Will also be looking for a CAI very quickly. AFE?!?!
Besides the cost of maintenance with trans fluid changes, fuel filter changes and oil changes are their any other "surprises" the dealer had no clue on and failed to inform me on? This will be my first vehicle with a DPF so this could be interesting?! Also heard something about a dead or death pedal?!
I'll be pulling a 4,000lb camper and a 4,000lb ATV trailer which will be no sweat for this truck and hauling firewood, bikes and misc cargo in the bed.

Looking forward to picking your brains and contributing in the near future!!!!

Cheers ??

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