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Hello! New member.

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Hey everybody. New member here. I read through these forums almost daily, so I thought I'd finally register as a member and introduce myself. I'm the proud owner of a 2009 LE 4x4. I've had the truck about a year now and I love it. I was never much of a truck guy, but my wife has some kinda "truck fantasy", so the rest is history. Since I've bought the truck, I've had a magnaflow SS muffler installed for a little more sound, also put a resonated tip on to hopefully help with a bit of the drone and dress is up, but it really only just made it a bit quieter. I've also added the Rancho Quicklift struts up front and new Rancho shocks in the rear. They're the adjustable ones, I set them on 5 and haven't had any desire to adjust them from there. Rides like a brand new truck, and looks a little more aggressive. That's about it so far, but since the Quicklift, I've kinda wanted to go a little higher all the way around... we'll see. Looking forward to many Titan discussions, see you in the forums!
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Welcome aboard.
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