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Happy to be on the forum.. I've been searching for a good used Titan in my budget for over a year and I just purchased a 1 owner 2007 Titan SE CC (silver) with 96k on the clock and all service receipts from day one! The PO actually just traded the 07 in for a 2017 Titan CC HD.

Thank being said, there was one sacrifice I made and that's the fact that it's a 2wd. I picked it up for $11,500 and I'm happy with that as it books for $13,500. I am already planning on adding Trutrac for the rear diff and starting to look at headers. At this point there is no exhaust manifold issues on either side, so not sure if it's just a matter of time or what.

Otherwise the truck is very clean, shifts extremely smooth, and runs out great in the very limited amount of distance I've driven.

The dealership is replacing a tire pressure sensor, full detailing, oil change, Trans service and rotor turn all around for me tomorrow.

Looking forward to learning more and my goal is to keep this truck for a long time as I average about 12k miles annually.

Any thoughts, tips or concerns are welcome, excited to be aboard.
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do the axle vent mod asap. lots of information on the forum. welcome and enjoy
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