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Helluva Hellwig Install

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2008 Titan XE, 4x4, BT, LB

I just bought the 2k lb set this week and went to install them today. The installation instructions are difficult to translate to the project (single page) for someone who is not familiar with suspensions. I came across a couple questions during the install.

1. On the top of the stock leaf springs, there is a small round nub (sorry, I don't know what it's called) that keeps rubber stopper in place. (The stopper also has the channels that the u-bolts rest on to secure the springs to the axle). After you install the helper spring, the little nub doesn't stick out far enough to keep the stopper in place on top of the leaf spring. This doesn't seem normal.

2. The kit also comes with longer u-bolts and bigger (and taller) nuts to install after the helper spring is attached. However, after the helper spring is installed and the new, longer u-bolts are installed, the new longer u-bolts do not leave enough threading to allow the new nuts to be installed completely. The new nuts are about an inch tall, and there is only about 3/4" of thread available. This is the case on each of the 4 nuts - so the plate isn't on crooked.

3. With the spring on, I'm assuming I'm going to have to remove the stock rubber roller on the rear of the leaf spring, right?

4. And finally, there wasn't any instructions on how to "adjust" the springs. You can spin the nuts on the outter u-bolts until the helper springs rest flat against the leafsprings. Any direction there would be greatly appreciated.

I appreciate any help. The instructions are just not great. Even the picture on the instructions is incorrect.

I am certainly a newbie when it comes to modifying suspension my rig, but I've decided it's time to step outside my box and and put this truck to work.