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HELP!! exhaust fitment

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I have recently decided to ugrade my magnaflow muffler swap, with some dual dynomax bullets... i have read and searched on here and have decided i want to run a x pipe to the dual dynomax bullets then two reso tips after the mufflers...havent decided if i want to run them all the way out or dump them before or after the axle...the help i need is on what size x pipe i need to run like (2 1/4 or 2 1/2 or 3") and what bullets to run i was thinkin 3" to cut down on cis and a 16.5" length overall...there is a thread on here somewhere with a picture of an f150 raptor with some turn down tips right before the rear bumper that looks sweet...anyway any help is appreciated...thanks!
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if you are going with a true dual setup you will want to keep your piping at 2.25"
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