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Help!!! I got 3 kids and I need to be cheap.

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I have a 2004 Nissan Titan LE CC, RF system without navigation or DVD, it has the overhead console. I have a portable RCA dual screen DVD player, which the kids love and I was getting around to hiding the wires, but with 3 boys under 5, time is limited. Anyway, last night my youngest stepped on the 12 volt plug and broke it off. So I got to thinking…

I have mounted the DVD players on the headrests (a lot of cutting and used one huge wire tie), I was going to run the 12 volt power through the seat on both sides, along with a RCA cable on both sides.

Here is where I need some help:
I was going to tap into some power inside the center console and put a new cigarette socket in, hopefully a surface mount with a USB power out for an IPod. Any suggestions on where to pull the power from (I was going to tap the 12 cigarette socket already there).

Next I want to put in some kind of switch so I can hook up my IPhone and stream videos to the monitors, or use the DVD player to play the same movie on both screens. Any suggestions on what I need to do this (I have the connector for the IPhone, which has RCA Cables)?

I was also wondering if I could tap into the RF Head Unit so the wireless headphones would work to play the movies in the back. Maybe taping into the aux plug? What do I need to do be able to use headphones?
Any other suggestions of using what I have or links to where and what to buy would be appreciated.
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Hopefully some of the audio/video gurus will jump on to help with that part. As for power though, I would do exactly what you mentioned. I have bench seats and it has the power in there, so i've tapped that for my rechargeable mag lite. I'm guessing that you have the captains chairs. Since you don't have the DVD system, the plug for the system is still under the center console. You can always find the switched power for that and tap directly to that so it's powered off a keyed source.
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