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Help Indentifying Wire

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ok so i have a lone black wire leading to nothing and have no idea what it is for....Its within the passenger side harness that has the plug wires/ fuel injector wires. Well at the very back of harness where it kind of loops back around i have a cut black wire about 4 inches long thats outside of the wire loom and it has been taped around as if it was factory like this, so i dont believe its been ripped from harness. I know it goes to something but Cannot find where is goes to. Can someone please tell me if they see a black wire exiting from the back of the harness going to something. i know it may be a ground but i dont want to ground it out if its a power wire. I have a CEL for Crank Sensor code (even though i just replaced it, $136 from dealer, and yes was verified that its a crank and not cam sensor.) But thats the only code i have. Everything in the truck works as it should, so im not sure what it is.

I can take a picture if needed to be precise on what im talking about

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So i just gave Zeus an oil change and decided to re ground that wire....and is in a horrible spot. And for the record like ive said i have a CEL for the crank sensor and my SLIP light has been on. Ive got a new crank sensor a while ago and the CEL and SLIP stayed on. I did the gas pedal reset trick with no luck, and i left battery unhooked overnight and within 5 seconds both lights would pop back on. I even went to Advance auto and they shut the lights off, and within seconds theyd pop back on.

With that said, i unhooked the battery and i re grounded that wire. I grounded it to where another wire was. its on the passenger side about 3/4 the way to the back of the motor just under the lip of the valve cover. it was a pain to get this bolt, which was only accessible through wheel well. and i didnt remove any plastic. Got it back together and started her up. I now have no CEL and No SLIP light. took it for a 5 miles ride and still no dash lights at all which i am very pleased about. may be my head playing tricks....but it seems that my tick is a bit quieter even though i know its my timing guide making noise. and lastly my rpms always use to bounce within a few hundred rpms while giving it gas. well now its stable and only fluctuates after 3k rpms....which i rarely get the truck up that high in rpms, yes i drive it cautiously....but i cant little wire helped 3 things.

one other question not related to this, is there a little timing cover down at the bottom of engine near crank pulley? ive looked at diagrams it looks like a small removable cover. Im asking because my pass. side timing tensioner/guide on the slack side, which is where this opening looks to be, is bad, and i love working on vehicles so i wanna look inside but dont want to remove skid plates etc. if i dont have to
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after 23 miles the CEL and SLIP light have come back on and throwing the crank sensor code again.....Longest its gone with lights off though. im thinking the back timing tensioner is giving the chain some slack...hense my tick....and that slack is fooling the sensor because its not fining the real TDC....thats the only think i can think of
It is a new crank sensor and it was from the dealer....$136 for it, and I've confirmed that it is a crank sensor and not a can sensor
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