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Help Indentifying Wire

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ok so i have a lone black wire leading to nothing and have no idea what it is for....Its within the passenger side harness that has the plug wires/ fuel injector wires. Well at the very back of harness where it kind of loops back around i have a cut black wire about 4 inches long thats outside of the wire loom and it has been taped around as if it was factory like this, so i dont believe its been ripped from harness. I know it goes to something but Cannot find where is goes to. Can someone please tell me if they see a black wire exiting from the back of the harness going to something. i know it may be a ground but i dont want to ground it out if its a power wire. I have a CEL for Crank Sensor code (even though i just replaced it, $136 from dealer, and yes was verified that its a crank and not cam sensor.) But thats the only code i have. Everything in the truck works as it should, so im not sure what it is.

I can take a picture if needed to be precise on what im talking about

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Hey, so...I think I might know what your talking about. And yes, if I'm thinking the same wire, it is a ground. If you feel about half and inch or so below the valve cover, near the back (but not on the back of the cover) there is a screw (10mm) I believe that has a grounding loop. There are suppose to be 2 wires that go to it. Might check and make sure that both wires are on it, if not...then that's probably where it goes. Hope this helps, pics would be nice to verify
Glad you got the wire grounded. From the sounds of it, it's the wire I was thinking off.

As for the timing, I don't know if there's a removable cover or not. From when I pulled my engine, I didn't see one, and I have a skid plate on mine as well so I can't really tell you. Sorry Zeus.
Hm...I swapped out my crankshaft sensor. Easy to do, just cost me 70 at autozone but I comes with a life time warranty so it's worth it.
Still trying to figure out my throttle problem through.
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