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Help me reclaim my dignity lol

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Pretty much all the guys in my family have GM 1500/2500's and im pretty much the only one that has somethin different.

The other day went to tow our grease tank and the lights on the trailer wouldnt work, but they had worked the day before. We open up the hood and the towing breakers (they didnt look like fuses but I could be wrong) are frying hot. So I move my truck and my dad moves in his 2500 and of course the lights go on. He gets out and mutters somethin about 'them trucks wasnt meant to tow' and everybody starts laughin and im like :smoke: 'maybe they arent used to crappy wiring jobs' (brother wired it) and everybody starts 'ohhh'in.

Needless to say I was pissed that the other two trucks also lit up the lights and my brand new truck with 1200 miles on it doesnt. Whats a man to do?:gunz:
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Show him this, lol. Seriously though, I seem to remember a wiring TSB for the trailer wires.


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ill check on that. in the meantime i think ill set that as their desktop background lol.
Sounds like you're the only guy in the family that DIDN'T get the factory tow package which comes with the correct relays for the trailer lights...
ya I have the tow package so really i dunno what happened. It worked the day before and pulled way better than my brothers 1500.
Sounds like a good ole' fashioned electrical glitch...Do you have a 12v test light? Start checking for power to all the light circuts at the hitch plug...I've got friends with those type of GM truks, got all sort of respect after throwing them the key and telling them to take the Titan out for about 20 minutes....Every time they come back with this weird smaile and "Wow, this trucks pretty fun to drive, hauls a$$ too..."
yessir, we were testin the hitch plug to make sure it had power and it did for a split second then it died again. I attributed it to an overheated breaker.

btw my brother wont race me, he already got stomped by one Titan, but you know how it goes, always lookin for somethin to put down trucks that dont have a bowtie on em lol.

im gonna take it in tomorrow for some other stuff so ill have em look at it.
1200 miles, new truck?? *sniff sniff* smells like factory bumper to bumper warranty to me. id have nissan worry about it. here is the perfect response to the guys in your fam, who are GM fans. i was in the same situation. rice burner this, new truck that.....blah blah..

just tell em to hang tight, that GM , and Ford will be offering their 0% finance incentive soon, just so they can get people to buy em... then they can go out and get a new truck just like you
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