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Help needed on wheel size selection

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Looking for a little help with wheel size for my 07 Titan. Its 4-wheeled drive and I plan to do a 6” Rough County lift. My questions follows:

Can I run a 22” x 12” wheel with a -44 offset and 35’s without any cutting of metal or plastic after the lift? If so, how far from the finder wheel will the tires stick out?

My next options in this order would be

1. 22” x 9.5” wheel with a +12 offset
2. 22” x 9.5” wheel with a +35 offset

My last question is around the actual looks of the wheel I am considering. I would like to go with KMC’s XD series XD811 RS2. When searching the web for images, the lip of the wheel looks very different across multiple images. I want the wheel to have that “deep well” look and I am not sure what numbers I should be looking to insure I am getting the right thing.

Any help you guys can provide is greatly appreciated.
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