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Help On Some Wiring

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My wife just bought me this horn kit
and I needed help on finding some wires. First wire I need is a 12 volt DC ingnition wire so the compressor only turns on when the truck is on and the second wire I need is factory horn wire so when I press the factory horn, it will enable the train horn. I have a 2008 XE CC.
Any help would be much appreciated. I'm trying to get this installed by this weekend. Thanks Terry
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its not the easiest thing to wire up correctly . if you have some knowledge with 12 volt wiring and have some tools to do it I would start at the fuse box and locate the wires you are looking for.
Shouldn't be that hard. You should be able to tap into the inside passenger's side fuse box for your power for the compressor, use a relay. For the factory horn, I don't know where it runs, but can you tap it at the horn? That might not make for the shortest wire run, but it should certainly be serviceable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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