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HELP PLEASE! ABS and SLIP lights stay on

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I have an 06 XE KC 4x4. It has 20200 miles on it. This morning I get in to go to work and the ABS and SLIP lights come on and dont go off. I get in it this afternoon and same thing so I am light WTF. I put my brakes on hard going down an icey road and no ABS just start sliding, no pulsating like it used to. So I accelerate hard and the stupid limited slip thing didnt engage. So then I think lets try 4X4 out. The indicator next to the odometer starts flashing like it is engageing but never does also the 4WD warning light is flashing. Anyone have any ideas. I am calling the dealer in the morning but would like to know any ideas anyone has.


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i had a similar issue with my 05 cc 4x4 bt. it is an electronic switch issue on the tranny and should be under warranty. i was :flame: when mine quit.
check your brake fluid reservoir, if it's low it will give you those lights and make those systems inoperative.
I had the same problem as catchandkill. electronic switch went bad. Take it to the dealer...
I had the same problem as catchandkill. electronic switch went bad. Take it to the dealer...

Just had my Diff replaced and axle rebuilt... I am having the same issue. Lights on. What to do? Which switch?
Hey guys, I know I'm a frontier but I think this issue is common with all nissans. All my lights came on one day too, abs, slip, and diff lock. neither one of those features worked while the lights were on. Took it to a friend thats a nissan service tech and he caught a code saying it was left rear abs sensor. replaced the sensor and after driving a mile or so all the lights went off and i had abs, traction control, and diff lock again.

hope this helps. -dan
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