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HELP! Sway bar kicked out and bent end link

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So here's the story. Friend of mine is getting rid of his 06 SE 4x4 that has a 6" fabtech lift on it. I agreed to buy the lift off his truck and put it on my 09 SE 4x4 so that they could get theirs pretty much back to stock. We're doing the swap in his driveway..mind you my neighbor friends are mechanics. I went ahead and purchased a set of Bilsteins front and rear, PRG extended swaybar end links, PRG driveshaft spacer, and PRG UCAs to work into the project. All has gone fairly smooth until this past weekend when we finished up the front and went to drive it to get it aligned. When we went to take a turn out of the driveway, we realized the tie rod ends were rubbing the inside of the stock 18" wheels, and then the sway bar kicked out (forward) and bent one of the PRG end links. Any idea what we did wrong? When comparing the length of the PRG end links to the ones that came with the fabtech kit..they look about the same length. I know some guys on here have had this happen and decide to remove the swaybar...I'm not really looking to do that. As for the end links hitting the wheels, is that due to the oversized spindle from the kit? Do I need to be considering larger wheels, or wheels with more offset to give the steering linkage more room? Would a wheel adapter take care of it as a temporary solution?

Here's a picture I snapped of what the sway bar looks like after it "flipped"

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don't you have to flip the tie rods on the 6" lift?
Speaking of sway bars I'm wondering if totally removing it will make the truck feel smoother over bumps, train tracks, ect?
yes it will, but you will also get body roll going around corners especially on on/off ramps. Ran mie without a sway bar for about 4 years, went back on last fall. It's coming back off this weekend, developed a clunk recently that I think is the sway bar. I will start the elimination process, might also throw my ICON's on if I get a chance.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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