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Help wiring aswc access adapter

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So I got my stereo in along with harness and a steering wheel adapter axxess aswc. The harness for the stereo seems pretty straight forward only question I have is the axxess says to tap in to a certain pin of the harness and what not. Is it still referring to the stereo truck harness? I thought I had read somewhere there was a different harness but want to make sure. I plan on soldering the stereo harness with the one for the truck I bought as I do not want to cut into the trucks factory harness

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Word of advise.. going to best buy and just buy the harness for it.. you'll spend days trying to programming it
What harness are you referring two? I have the stereo harness as well as the one for the truck. I looked for a harness for the 24 pin connector but didn't see one. Am I missing it?

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The Axxess instructions should indicate which pins need be connected to their adapter.

On my 04 and 06 Titans two connectors were used for audio and power on the HU, however on my 13 model there is only one connector. I also found that the required pins for the SWadapter were not present on the 'standard' wiring adapter that is available. I purchased a second connector and cannabilized it to obtain additional pins to populate the first connector.

The only SW functions that work on my installation is Vol up and down. The SW control lines are routed through the bluetooth module (located under the passenger seat). I suspect that routing is causing problems with the adapter working correctly. I have not yet taken the time to bypass the BT module to verify that is the cause.
Only my vol up down and mode work. I kept the vol and reprogrammed mode to seek +
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