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Hi all,

I'm a novice to the Titan and modding worlds so please bear with me. The "how tos" I've seen for removing front bumpers on the A61 chassis seem to all have been published for 2016-2019 trucks. I borrowed a pic from Rough Country to show the difference between the driver's side and passenger side connecting points. What I'm trying to do is give my larger tires more clearance by moving the bumper forward with my own washers (also using @Paskell write-up as a guide on the DIY bumper spacer.)
1) The bumper brace and corresponding 2 bolts (circled in pic) only exist on the driver's side, from what I can see. Loosening these allow you to slide the bumper forward so that you can do the bumper spacer mod.
2) most bumper removal instructions say to do the same thing on the passenger side. (See RC's pic). However, the 2020+ seems to be entirely different.
3) all of the bolts under the passenger side wheel well seem to be for fixed-position locations, not allowing you to slide the bumper.
4) if #3 is true, what is the purpose of this large bolt (circled)?
5) has anyone found a work around so that the passenger side bumper can be extended forward for extra tire clearance?

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