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Help with "black" interior... Is it graphite???

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The dealer says black. (06 LE OR/BT...smoke) Is this the nissan graphite? Are all the graphite interiors one tone? I thought it was graphite and titanium? Is there another option of just graphite?
Sorry for all the questions in a row, but there is a dealer by me that may have my truck... Too far away to drive to (for now)... They want to sell it so badly that they offered me a life-time warranty on the truck, free oil changes for life and free maint. for life. (by any ASE cert. mech)

So, thanks for your help on the interior color issue.
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AFAIK, it is still graphite/titanium, the same interior as my '04 LE. It is two different colors, but is hard to distinguish between them. Neither could be considered black, but they are dark gray. There was no black leather option on that year model (or any year that I know of.)

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ekes said:
I know i already touched in this area. But one of the posts shows what looks like all graphite. the two tone is unnoticable. Sorry for the repeat.
I have the Graphite / Titanium Leather option in my LE. When I looked at the brochure I thought it was two-tone as well. Truth is, it is... but it's barely noticeable. And when you look at the interior you may think that the colour difference is due to the texture difference of the leather.

I believe as far as the interior goes, there are only two colour options. Graphite / Titanium or Steel. You'll know when you see the steel.
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