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Titan-ization said:
You say you wired directly to your battery? Is there an inline fuse? If not, did you go through the fuse box before connecting to the battery? Although the system is a 12VDC system, a fuse acts as a resistor (well, actually a fuse IS a resistor, with a high limit amperage beore blowing at that specified amperage), my guess is if you did not have any fuses on the system, then you were drawing too much amperage from connecting directly from the battery instead of allowing the fuse to control the current flow...
Hope this helps a little, let me know what you find...

Sorry, but incorrect analysis there. A fuse protects from too much current being drawn, because of a problem elsewhere in the circuit. It does not act as part of the circuit, in determining the current drawn or voltage supplied per se, and has negligable affect on a circuit.

Simply connecting directly to the battery did not and will not cause excess current flow. Problem was that the connector was wired backwards, putting power to the ground of the camera as he later detemined. A fuse would have protected the system. Connector polarity can be tricky sometimes, so much variety exist in the market.

Lesson learned, fortunetly, it was just a camera, and not an important component of the Titan itself. Sorry to hear of the loss though.:crying:
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