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Help with cubby removal

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I am looking to remove the center cubby hole under the factory radio to slide a 10 meter radio in. My question is exactly how or if you can even just remove it for if it would have to be cut. It's just an idea on a clean install. Thanks in advance. ( I have made several attempts to upload the image of exactly I'm referring to but confines with error)
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And when the crap hits the fan, cell phones don't work when towers are out.

This is the second thread posted by TQ, but his first thread has a much longer and more robust discussion.

Now, I agree with you on the idea of popping the radio/HVAC bezel off to see how the cubby is held in. Ultimately, I think the answer is there are better ways to mount HAM radio in our trucks. There are several folks around with radio in their Titans, and I'm planning on setting mine up if I can ever get ahead of the tax man and this lousy depression economy we're in.
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