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help with rim and tire size

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I have 2009 Titan and want to by rims and tires. I need some input on rim and tire sizes. I want to add 22' with a off road tire.So my question is any advice in the sizes to go with, It is a stock set up, or should i go with 20' wheel set up?
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Your best bet would be to post this in the tires and wheels category if you are looking for advice. There are some very knowledgeable people one here who can steer you in the right direction. One thing you should at least consider is a leveling kit. With the backspacing on most after market wheels, you may be hard pressed to find an off-road tire that will fit most 22" wheels on a stock vehicle. I have not done any research on 22" off-road tire sizes but my guess would be that a 33 is about as small of a tire as you are going to find. I would steer you more towards the 20"s for the sole reason of more tire choices. This way you can find a set that better fits your application. In my honest opinion I feel 22"s should stay on street tires. They just dont look right on an offroad tire unless the tires are 37s or bigger. But that is entirely up to you, I wont knock anyone elses taste. What you put on your rig is a personal decision based on your tastes and shouldn't be swayed by others opinion. Another suggestion I will make is to check out some pics of other people's set-up. This can help in your decision between 20"s and 22"s also.
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