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Help with side step lights

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I got some side steps for my truck that have lights on them. Can anyone tell me the best spot to connect the wires so lights come on each time the door lights come on?
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I am exactly in the same situation as were did you find out any information on the best wire to tap into?
No. I know the door switch is a ground switch so I could tap into that if I can locate power.

It's been to cold outside for me to want to deal with figuring it out. The stealership said they'd wire the lights for me if I wanted. I may take them up on it.
which mirrors do you have? BT or regular... if you have the puddle lights i think that'd be the wire you wanted... also if you have the bed lights that may be what you're looking for as well.. i'd dig up the wiring diagrams but i'm at work.. perhaps tonight if no one else chimes in.
From what I've been able to dig up there is a red/white wire at the BCM on pin 62. Which brings up the questions of, which connector is this on the BCM (there are multiple ones)? And also if I tap in at the BCM do I need to put in a relay?
Sorry, should have said that this wire (red/white) is for step lights.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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