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I found this page on Google looking for some help with my truck I just put the transmission in and a code showed up u1000 and it's also not reading park the truck turns over in nutral but will not stay running and it's back firing will not even turn over in park any ideas?
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well congrats on the DIY repair. But don`t assume Nick was going anywhere with that.
he is a very helpful knowledgeable member of this board. His reply was spot on with the lack of info you gave him.
Titans are notorious for electrical ghost codes and gremlins... the crank sensor and camshaft sensor being a few of them...

now it`s your turn to be a part of the community. Welcome...
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I didn't mean to sound rude it's just the fact that being a female most people assume I can't do anything lol and u100p was cleared and never came back our issues was the crank sensor that's all I could explain at the time and thanks for the help!

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for the record I didn`t know you were a girl. nothing wrong with working on your own ride. My better half knows her way around the shop and has helped a lot in past builds... :wink:
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