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hemi hunt

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hey guys,im new to the titan family and im impressed.i just bought a 2008.5 crew cab long box pro x 4x4. some of my family members and myself went snowmobiling today and on our way home my uncle pulled up next to me on the interstate with his hemi so we touched them off,i guess you guys already new the out come.both of us pulling a enclosed 12 foot trailer with two sleds,from a 65mph rolling start i was ahead of him by five truck lengths when i let off at 105 mph.i no very stupid but it happened so not new to trucks but this titan is got to be under rated 317 hp? the odometer has 800 miles so after today i can say its officially broke in. by the way his truck is 2006 3.92 gear ratio,short bed,17 inch tires. talk to you guys soon hopefully with no issues. ps whats with the 2008.5 my dealer didnt no of any changes,just less of a rebate. lol
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Oh... Where to begin.... :dunno:

You for real? Good luck with your truck.... Hope it lasts for you.
I'm not sure where to begin either. Did you do a burn out as you left the dealer with your new truck? I hear that speeds up the break-in much more than 105 with a trailer.:bangit:
At 800 miles your Titan was more than up to the task up running full throtle with that trailer.

Nice kill!!
Just don't hunt the blue thing in my avatar.
It has a hemi too.
nice. congrats on the pro 4x. hope u like ugh um excuse me, love your Titan as much as we do.
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