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Thanks for the pictures Deepwater, your truck is really, really awesome!!!! The Truxedo cover makes it look even sharper. My KC is also Deppewater blue and I want to install a nice tonneau cover also. I'd like to ask you about a few concerns of mine.
1. Is the Truxedo easy to install, kind of a diy quick project? Do you need to drill any holes or is it held in place by clamps?
2. How well do you like the material? Is it a durable leather like vinyl or is it more of a flimsy type vinyl?
3. I have a bed divider, can I still move it back and forth? Will I be able to take it off completelly if needed or does it have stay in the bed permanently?
4. Is the cover really easy to open and close or is it kind of troublesome?
5. Have you noticed any improvement i gas mileage?

Your feedback is most valuable to me. Again, THANKS A BUNCH!!! and enjoy your Titan!!!

Deepwater said:
Everyone, Thanks for all your patience! I was having a hard time with the editing and getting it to (save as is) Thanks for looking! :)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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