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here we go again. bedlined tailgate cap and bib!

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i wont do a "how to" on this one, since its pretty basic. Remove tailgate, tape it off, sand, wipe with alcohol, and bedline.

My bib was nasty. a previous owner had put some stickers on there, including one that was a "maple leaf". then another previous owner scraped them off, which left scratch marks and ghost images of the stickers. It has been bothering me ever since i got the truck!!!:ftard:

here are some pics

in between coats

contrast between un-bedlined bed caps and tailgate cap

finished result

the next big job will be the bed caps, but that will be a big job. I dont want to remove them and risk breaking the clips.
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looks nice
I did mine about 2 weeks ago, as well as the tailgate itself, I might have gone a little overboard though, I removed everything off the tailgate and went from there...
lol dude, so we're going to tape off your ENTIRE truck ? i'm down for that. :)
Does the "hamburger" just pop off?

Oh and your bed rails look nasty! Mine are still black
yea the rear burger is on with double sided foam tape. It has two alignment pins in it though. The sides are pretty bad, but the bed cover covers most of them so its not a big eye sore.
Looks really good!! But, you have to remove the tailgate to do this?? How do you remove the tailgate?? I've never done that nor attempted.
you may need a helper for removing the tailgate. its heavy

lower the tailgate and remove the two cables. they just slide over two shoulder bolts so just unclip them. lift the gate to about 45 deg, and pull out on the drivers side. it will slide off the hing. then move it over to the driver side to get the pass side to release.

install is reverse of removal.
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