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I got an 07 KC about a month ago & have been lurking on the forum ever since.
Wanted to thank you all for all the helpful tips here I’ve already done the air box mod & added a drop in dry filter, rear differential mod, put on in channel vent shades, custom fit floor mats, bought a used set of PRG shackles, & 04 headlights so I can mod my current lights.
I have a couple of questions about things I want to take care of while it’s cold out. First, I would like to know what bulbs I should put In the modded headlight housings. I don’t want to spend too much, but I want them to look good too. Are LEDs ok? Should I spend the money on projectors? I’m thinking about doing blackout in the housing maybe color matching some part of it, not sure where, but probably the trim.
Next, my hitch receiver is rusting pretty bad. So I thought I would remove it, clean it up, & put bed liner on it in the garage for a winter project, along with the light mod. What is the best way to tackle removing the rust, & is bed liner a good choice for refinishing?
I also plan on modding the grill, & putting bed liner on the rims. Also at some point want to do the JBA long tube headers, Cajun exhaust, & muffler. Probably do bilstein 5100 all around soon as well.
Thanks for the great source for Titan owners.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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